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Investigation Frustration

We've all been there - safe on our couches, yelling "DON'T GO IN THERE!" at the TV screen, or vowing that we would do things differently if we were there. What if you had the power to affect the decisions the investigators made?

A Different Kind of Event


Join Brian J. Cano (Paranormal Caught on Camera, Haunted Collector) and Dustin Pari (Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International) for a two-hour interactive experience which is part show, part experiment!

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You Are In Control!

Brian and Dustin may be your hosts, but the choices are yours to make - from the direction the video investigation goes, to the in-person experiments attempted. Audience participation is not just encouraged, it is essential!​

Will Your Team Prevail?

Upon arrival, the audience will be divided into teams, and have the opportunity to participate in interactions that score points, which will be tallied at the end of the show. A unique experience awaits you at every performance!

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